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Curt Herzstark and his Pocket Calculator CURTA.

It was in production from to It is shaped like a pepper mill, a small cylindrical metal body with a crank handle centred on the top. Along the side are a number of vertical sliders which allow you to set the digits of one of your numbers, which are shown just above the sliders. On the top face, along the outside, are shown two registers.

Type, Date of manufacturing and other data of a Curta. The List of Curtas from “Your Complete Curta Calculator Site”: A list of more than 1, Curtas​.

Home Contact. Need more info about your Curta? Please try here:. Contains the original eBay page and the original pictures. You can obtain the list of Curtas clicking here. The List of Curtas from curta. The CURTA Stats from the Francis Teyssier’s website: A list of 2, Curtas sold on eBay since with serial number, condition, date of sale, price, eBay transaction number and number of bids, sorted by serial number, date of sale or price.

You can search in Google by transaction number to try to find more information. Another good source is www. If you have a valid WorthPoint account you can see the price of the sale. If you want to post pictures of your Curta in this website please send me at info curtamania. Please write a legend to attach to the pictures like “This Curta belongs to Remember to write or show the serial number.

I can’t update regularly the database so I may delay a couple of months to add the pictures on the website.


Sentences Mobile Florin Curta says that the dating of these sites is uncertain. According to Curt Herzstark, the last Curta was produced in A similar idea has been proposed by Florin Curta.

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Note: Ahrend celebrated years in , and was given permission to carry the predicate ‘Koninklijk’ Royal. The company established the Jacobus Ahrend Fund in in his honor. Jacobus Ahrend – Netherlands. Founder of The N. He first started an office stationery shop at Singel 24 in Amsterdam, under his mother’s name. A tricycle was his first truck. Ahrend soon expanded the range of goods carried to include drawing tables, drawing requisites, collotype machines a precursor of the photocopier and water levels.

In the s, Ahrend started to sell office furniture and soon saw a rapid increase in the numbers sold. The initial furniture was all made of wood, but it was not long before steel furniture was added to the range. Steel furniture was later banned because of WWII. After the war he founded the Amsterdam Trade association in In Ahrend was restructured and changed its name to Sun. Ahrend were no instrument makers as can be seen in the ISRM galleries where rebranded Ahrend slide rules were made in Japan and Germany.

Charles Alvarez – United States.

11 Calculators That Show How Far Computing Has Come in the Past 2,000 Years

That same year in Germany, engineer Konrad Zuse built his Z2 computer, also using telephone company relays. Their first product, the HP A Audio Oscillator, rapidly became a popular piece of test equipment for engineers. In , Bell Telephone Laboratories completes this calculator, designed by scientist George Stibitz. Stibitz stunned the group by performing calculations remotely on the CNC located in New York City using a Teletype terminal connected via to New York over special telephone lines. This is likely the first example of remote access computing.

The Z3, an early computer built by German engineer Konrad Zuse working in complete isolation from developments elsewhere, uses 2, relays, performs floating point binary arithmetic, and has a bit word length.

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I also regard this as a machine that has narrowly avoided being lost to history. Machines of this type were used for co-ordinate transformations, gunnery calculations, and complex number calculations. It is noted that the worked examples in the manual in Chapter 2 specifically reference the Twin Marchant machine then in use in the British Army; however, the examples can be modified to suit the Brunsviga.

The model number indicates Z that the revolutions counter has tens zehn carry and a combination K clearing option — in this case, the right hand lever clears only the revolutions counter, or the revolutions counter and the input registers, depending on the position of the switch on the right hand side of the front plate position 1 for rev counter, position 2 for rev counter plus input registers.

The lever on the left clears the input registers, and the result registers accumulators are cleared independently via the lever to the right of each register. There is no back transfer facility on this machine. The switch in the centre of the front plate selects either left both rotors rotate in the same direction, or right they rotate in opposite directions.

11 Calculators That Show How Far Computing Has Come in the Past 2,000 Years

Remember Me? Results 1 to 17 of Thread: Lsd Mechanical Calculators. Lsd Mechanical Calculators. From market traders to accountants, tax inspectors to bank clerks, tools that aided fiscal computations were much in demand.

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Ancient civilizations didn’t have super computers in their pockets, but that doesn’t mean they did all their math by hand. Calculators haven’t always been accurate, but engineers, scientists and accountants have relied on them to make their lives easier for over 2, years. And these calculators will show you how computing has changed over the millennia. Merchants and blacksmiths didn’t have cash registers a thousand years ago, but they did have the abacus—the first calculator ever made.

Designs for the abacus date back to about BC in ancient Babylon, but the first physical one was from China in about BC. And while you may have only seen them as toys in preschools, they’re actually still used in some offices in East Asia today. To depict a number, you simply raise and lower beads along a spindle, and the position of the beads stand in for units in the ones place, the tens, the hundreds, and so on.

Most abaci can count into the trillions. Abaci were called counting boards in Europe in the s.

The CURTA Collectors and Registry Page

He knew I collected electronic calculators and one day he commented to me that he had a cool looking mechanical calculator I should see. He said it looked like a pepper grinder, Ding Ding Ding A customer had walked in from off the street and handed it to him years earlier. Bummer, had somebody already bought it?

Sushant Vohra on Instagram: “Getting inspired by tech and mecha these days – I thought I’d do some lighting tests in keyshot. Really focusing on shadows and.

The Curta is a small mechanical calculator developed by Curt Herzstark. The Curta’s design is a descendant of Gottfried Leibniz ‘s Stepped Reckoner and Charles Thomas’s Arithmometer , accumulating values on cogs, which are added or complemented by a stepped drum mechanism. It has an extremely compact design: a small cylinder that fits in the palm of the hand. Curtas were considered the best portable calculators available until they were displaced by electronic calculators in the s.

By , he had filed a key patent, covering his complemented stepped drum, Deutsches Reichspatent German National Patent No. This single drum replaced the multiple drums, typically around 10 or so, of contemporary calculators, and it enabled not only addition, but subtraction through nines complement math, essentially subtracting by adding.

The nines’ complement math breakthrough eliminated the significant mechanical complexity created when “borrowing” during subtraction. This drum would prove to be the key to the small, hand-held mechanical calculator the Curta would become. His work on the pocket calculator stopped in when the Nazis forced him and his company to concentrate on manufacturing precision instruments for the German army.

Herzstark, the son of a Catholic mother and Jewish father, was taken into custody in and eventually sent to Buchenwald concentration camp , where he was encouraged to continue his earlier research:. While I was imprisoned inside Buchenwald I had, after a few days, told the [people] in the work production scheduling department of my ideas. The head of the department, Mr. Munich said, ‘See, Herzstark, I understand you’ve been working on a new thing, a small calculating machine.

Curta Dating

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They’re a big improvement over my 5th generation photocopy images! He died recently, at October 27, , at the high age of His death has struck me.

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Maxed Out: The Amazing Curta Mechanical Calculator

Mechanical Calculator Photograph Library. This page has links to photographs of vintage mechanical calculators on this website. Click on a calculator to see a photograph of it, then click on your browser “Back” button to return to this page.

Links to Vintage Calculator-Related Sites. French collector Robert Lacoste has an impressive collection of calculators dating from the ‘s through The definitive source for information on Curta calculators.

Home Contact. This is the most precise dating method of the Curta developed until now, based on the original production records of Contina AG. Enter the serial number and you will see the Type and Manufacture Date of the machine. Also, you will see more data and features of the Curta Need more info about your Curta? Please try here:. Contains the original eBay page and the original pictures. You can obtain the list of Curtas clicking here. The List of Curtas from curta. The CURTA Stats from the Francis Teyssier’s website: A list of 2, Curtas sold on eBay since with serial number, condition, date of sale, price, eBay transaction number and number of bids, sorted by serial number, date of sale or price.

You can search in Google by transaction number to try to find more information. Another good source is www.

How the CURTA Works